Cattle and Poltry Feed Plant

Cattle and Poltry Feed Machinery at Harendra Agro Engineers Limited.

It is the first step to establish a cattle feed manufacturing plant for the ones who are planning to start their own business of cattle/poultry feed production. If you are planning to establish a cattle feed production plant and start your feed processing business , you have to know about the local feed market and also have a clear understanding of how to develop a customized business plan for your feed factory, so that to make the BEST project plan with low investment and low production cost.

Get the right equipment for your small feed pellet mill. HARENDRA AGRO ENGINEERS LIMITED (HAEL) is a professional cattle feed pellets machinery manufacturer that is dedicated to the research and development of cattle feed processing equipment, ranging from small scale to large scale. We have grown into the leading manufacturer in India due to the high quality equipment, excellent service and good reputation.

If you are planning to start a commercial cattle feed plant, you can contact us. It is designed with a feed pellet machine and automatic batching system, so that to ensure high efficiency and low production cost. All our projects are designed according to our clients’ specific needs and requirements, so just feel free to contact us and get a tailor-made feed processing business plan and exact equipment price and construction cost.