Edible Oil Mill Machinery

Edible Oil Mill Machinery at Harendra Agro Engineers Limited

Purpose of Oil Machines
The oil expeller machines can be broadly classified into two categories:

Domestic Oil Machine: Domestic oil press machines are perfect for your home use. They are compatible and quite affordable and can be used for all your household needs. You can extract a wide variety of oil using the domestic oil maker machine. Domestically produced oil carries a higher nutritional content than ready-to-purchase oil. Further, you can even venture into a small-scale oil manufacturing business if you desire so.

Commercial Oil Machine: Commercial oil machines are meant for full fledged oil manufacturing businesses. They have a higher oil production capacity than the domestic oil maker. Like domestic oil machines, Commercial oil press machines also allow you to extract oil from a wide variety of seeds and nuts. These are durable and highly efficient with high-speed motors to speed up your oil production. Further, commercial oil press machine price is quite affordable and durable.

Use Cases of Oil Machines
“Harendra AGRO” oil machines come with a variety of use cases. These include:

Food Industry: Oil maker machines are key for the food industry. They allow producing nutrition-rich oil that can be used in restaurants, hotels, cloud kitchens and any other food outlet.

Cosmetics Industry: Edible oils are a key raw material for most of the skincare and hair care products. Further, they are used for the manufacturing of soaps, shampoos as well as cosmetic products.

Pharmaceutical Industry: Edible oils are rich in vitamins and other important nutrients. They can be used to produce various health supplements.

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