FIsh Feed Plant & Machinery

FIsh Feed Plant & Machinery at Harendra Agro Engineers Limited

The aquaculture feed production plant has to complete a process of fine feed development by combining the best formula with the highest level of feed pelleting or extruding technology. The production process of fish feed mill generally includes raw material receiving and storage, cleaning, crushing, dosing & mixing (batching), pelletizing, cooling, pellets crushing, screening & grading, packaging, and storage. In some cases when the clients have special requirements for the feed pellet production plant, also need to equipped with equipment of liquid adding, curing, spraying, extrusion, drying and so on.

HARENDRA AGRO ENGINEERS LIMITED (HAEL) is a fish feed extruder machine manufacturer that specializes in the sinking fish feed, slow-sinking fish feed and floating fish feed processing technology. While improving the digestibility of the final feed for higher conversion, our fish feed machine is very economical. This is the ultimate revolution of aquaculture with a focus on maximum profitability while allowing quick conversion of the whole feed.

Extruded feed activates starch at the optimum temperature for quick conversion to glucose which is more soluble and digestible. The fat content in the feed is also optimized with reduced lipase action which is a necessary component of the fish feed. This machine is the best tool for manufacturing the most edible aquatic feed.

If you are looking for reliable floating fish feed extruder plant and make high quality fish food, You can contact us to get detailed quotation.