Ground Nut Oil Cake

Ground Nut Oil Cake at best price in Gujarat, Ahmedabad.

HARENDRA AGRO ENGINEERS LIMITED (HAEL) is a reliable and trusted exporter and supplier of animal feed groundnut oil cake in Gujarat, India. Groundnut oil cake is an important source of protein for livestock feeding in India. Three types of oil cakes are available in India, namely, wooden Ghani pressed, Expeller pressed and solvent extracted cake. Generally we are dealing in expeller pressed oil cake. These are popularly used by people all around the globe for their cattle.

Nutritional Value

Groundnut oil cake has amazing nutritional value. In the three different types of groundnut oil cake, each has a different nutritional value. Like, in Ghani pressed it has 10-12%, in expeller pressed it is 6-8% and in the extracted cake it is 0.5-0.6%. The protein content is variable from 40-50% and TDN 75-85%. The groundnut cake may be decorticated or undecorticated. In undecorticated groundnut cake, the fibre content is very high.

Uses Of Groundnut Cake

This is fed to the cattle such as sheep, buffalo, poultry, goats and swine. It has been reported that both a growth factor and an antitrypsin factor occur in groundnut meals. The latter has antiplasmin activity and so shortens bleeding time, it is destroyed by heating.

Feeding more than 25% of the diet with groundnut meal leads to laxative action, which limits its use for lactating cows, for which it otherwise forms an excellent and acceptable protein source.

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